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Must-Have Bow Hunting Gear for the Summer

Finally, summer is here! And you know what that means– bow hunting season! That means you need to make sure you buy the best bow hunting gear to help you have the best hunting season.

Not sure what gear you should invest in? Luckily for you, we’ve done our homework. Keep reading for a list of bow hunting gear you need.


Bow Hunting Gear You Need

Bows and Arrows

You won’t get very far without the basics. Plus, you can’t really call yourself a bow hunter without having a reliable bow and arrows! So number one priority, make sure your bow and arrows are in top condition.

Looking to start fresh and get some new gear? Make sure you know the basics before you head out shopping!

There are a few types of bows for you to consider. The main three are the traditional, the compound, and the crossbow. Each bow offers different advantages, so be sure you look into them all.

Arrows are essential, you can’t be a bow hunter without them.

To buy the best arrows, you need to choose three things: the different materials– wood, carbon, aluminum, and fiberglass– arrows are made out of, along with the individual strengths of each; the spine and arrow length which will depend on the bow; and the desired shaft pattern.



Survival Gear

Survival equipment is great to have; you never know what will happen when you’re out hunting!

Survival gear includes:

  • water filtration
  • first aid kits
  • trapping equipment
  • a 2-way radio safely in a waterproof container
  • any medications especially inhalers and epinephrine pens for allergies
  • lighters and other fire equipment
  • whistle
  • map and a compass or a GPS
  • quality knife
  • emergency food supply
  • metal cup to boil water

We hope you never need to use your survival gear for survival. But we also know that it is way better to have the gear and not need it than to not have it and need it… So please, bring your survival equipment!

Scouting Information

Make sure you scout your hunting grounds before you go hunting. This will help you to find the best areas for hunting. Plus, having foreknowledge of the area will help to keep you from getting lost while you’re out hunting!

Tools for Vegetation

When you’re in the earlier parts of bow hunting season, vegetation may pose a  problem. With significant vegetation, it makes it difficult for you to move around quickly and quietly.

Having a folding saw, or at least a folding knife, can help you get an early start on your hunting season without having to worry about missing a critical shot.


Your bow hunting gear may need adjustments while you’re out in the fields. Some items that can come in handy for these times are an Allen wrench and a container of knock glue.

If warmer temperatures are still present, adhesives could become loose, losing adhesion. If you have knock glue on hand, you can fix these problems as they arise, rather than waiting until your equipment breaks or you get home.

Plus, the Allen wrench will help make other adjustments such as draw weight or adjusting the pins on the sights. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so keep a trusty wrench with you. You may be surprised how much you use it!

Scent Control

Making sure you manage your scent is a great way to help you improve your hunting technique. After all, if the deer can smell you, you’re not likely to get a shot!

There are numerous tips that can help with your scent control. Of these, a few tips include:

  • Make sure you take your time, keeping any perspiration low and allowing you to remain relatively scent free.
  • Don’t wear your hunting clothes while traveling to your location. Rather, once you get there, find a tree or other area to change.
  • Odor eliminating spray– probably the most effective method. These sprays are crucial if you’re hunting white-tailed deer since their most powerful sense is the sense of smell. You may need to use the spray multiple times during your hunt, so be sure to keep the spray with you at all times.

Hunting Clothes

Wearing the proper clothing is essential. Wearing polyester camo clothing will help you stay comfortable and hidden. And we all know it’s much easier to hit your target if they don’t know you’re there!

Plus, depending on where you hunt, making sure you wear pants and long sleeves can help you avoid ticks and mosquitos allowing you to avoid the nasty diseases they are known to carry.

Deer Attractant

You’re looking to hunt some deer, right? Try bringing the deer to you by using a deer attractant.

Make sure you have the right scent for your hunt, match it with the season!

  • Basic urine is fine throughout the season but works best during the earlier weeks.
  • Buck Urine is good to use with scrapes or in high-traffic areas leading up to the rut.
  • Doe Estrous shouldn’t be used until you are within 2 weeks of the peak of the rut.

Make sure you make the most of your attractant.

  • Hanging scent bombs from a higher place, about 5 or 6 feet above the ground, will prove to be more effective. It allows the scent to be caught in the breeze which expands your chances of drawing in a deer.
  • Keep the scent bombs in range; make sure you can still shoot the deer that stops by.
  • Be realistic with your scents. Deer won’t come and chase you down after you hang a scent. Rather, the scent location will give the deer more incentive to stop as they’re walking by, allowing a better chance for a stationary shot.

Of course, you may think this makes hunting too easy. If that’s the case, then forget the deer attractant and have a blast hunting!

Range Finder

Make sure you have a reliable rangefinder. The range finder will assist your hunt by taking the guessing out of bow hunting. This increases your confidence which is critical for your success.

Plus, they are easy to find, and won’t break the bank!


Make sure your hunting season is the best it can be by getting the bow hunting gear that will help you succeed!

Looking for more advice on bow hunting? We have you covered. Discover gear that is the best of the best in our Outdoors reviews!

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