Best Keurig Coffee Maker 2017 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Keurigs have long been the leading brand among coffee makers. You’d be hard pressed to find a home, office or other business that doesn’t have one on hand. They’re easy to use and with a range of models, have something for everyone. If you’re late to the game and just looking into purchasing a Keurig, have no fear. We’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured Best Keurig coffee maker reviews and brought you the ultimate buying guide.


Before we deep dive into Best Keurig coffee maker reviews, let’s address some of the major factors consumers should take into account when purchasing these home appliances.

Discontinued Models

Keurig is constantly updating their tech, which means they eventually will discontinue some models as newer ones advance.

However, these machines and compatible pods are still being sold. When a machine is discontinued the compatible cups are often still being produced, so rest-assured you’re not getting stuck with an expensive paperweight.


Upon inception, the Keurig brewers would be able to brew any K-Cup, including the ones you found in the supermarket.

The makers got wise and tried to corner the marker and exclusively run their machines with their patented K-Cups. They branched out and allowed other brands to obtain a license to produce K-Cups as well.

There was some backlash when angry customers brought home their machine and realized they were not able to brew their own grinds, as the old self-fill baskets no longer worked.

Keurig listened to their customers and came out with both carafe and mug sized refillable cups shortly after.

Some models such as the Rivo and Vue, have a specific cup that is not compatible across other brewers.


You may have come across articles stating that Keurig machines are dirty and hard to clean. This simply isn’t true.

According to Keurig coffee machine reviews, cleaning your Keurig isn’t a massive headache, as you’ve been led to believe.

As with any machine, proper maintenance is required for optimal use.

Best Keurig Coffee Maker Reviews

  #01:  Keurig Original

While the technology has been updated, the original is a classic. This machine is a bit smaller than the 2.0 versions, and all K-Cups are compatible with this brewer (even the grocery store varieties.)

The original is often sold as the Keurig B40 Elite, the Keurig B60 Special Edition, and the Keurig B70 Platinum. You may also see the model names listed as K40, K60, and K70.

  #02:  Keurig 2.0


One of the biggest overhauls to Keurig’s line was the 2.0. This technology was the first in their line to give customers the ability to brew whole carafes as well as their signature single cup.

The drawback? This is where Keurig began to enforce licensed-only cups. Thanks to Keurig coffee machine reviews, we did learn there is a workaround to the licensing problem. Keurig has released both carafe and single cup that use your grinds from home.

With the flexibility of brew sizes and updated technology, it’s no wonder the 2.0 is the most popular machine. While 2.0 used to refer to the model, it is now a line of machines that incorporate the updated brewing technology.



  #03:  Vue


The Vue has been discontinued, but according to many Keurig coffee machine reviews, both machine and v-pods are still available for purchase. The Vue-pods are unique to this line and are not compatible with other brewers.

One of the unique features of the Vue is the temperature setting. Users can set their brew for specific temperatures, which was never previously available. Once again, the company listened to Keurig coffee machine reviews and made their v-Pods recyclable.

The Vue brews eight sizes, including 18 ounces for travel mugs, which is much larger than most original and 2.0 models where 12 ounces is the maximum.



  #04:  Rivo


Technically the Rivo is an espresso machine, not a traditional coffee maker. With the Rivo, customers can make Barista style drinks at home. Customers have brought one caveat to our attention. While this machine ‘wows’ us with making specialty drinks, it cannot brew regular coffee.

This line features both water and milk reservoirs which will steam up to make cappuccinos, americanos and more.

This line has also since been discontinued. According to many Keurig coffee machine reviews, the only brand that makes (and is licensed to make,) pods are Lavazzo. This makes finding pods a bit harder as the selection is limited.




  #05:  Mini


The mini is a perfect no-frill option that doesn’t slack on functionality.

Much smaller than other models, this machine brews 6 to 10-ounce single cups. The Mini Plus is compatible with a brew-your-own-grind basket.

Thanks to Keurig coffee machine reviews, here’s an insider tip. When using the mini models, choose the 6-ounce cup for the strongest brew.

The smaller mini is ideal for college students or households that just want a quick and easy cup of coffee without taking up counter space.



Deciding Factors

Each model and line offer customers unique features and choosing the right Keurig for you will depend on what features are most important to you.

Size of Machine

If counter space is limited, the Mini may be the way to go. Recently, Keurig has manufactured 2.0 models that are smaller than the original so there are good options out there.

Where Keurig Will Be Used

All the above models are rated for home use. If you are looking for a machine to use in an office, you will need to ensure you purchase a machine that’s intended for commercial use.

My K-Cup

As many Keurig coffee machine reviews will tell you, being able to use any brand of K-cup or refillable K-Cup is a big deal to consumers.

Before purchasing, realize that with Mini Plus, Elite and Office Pro aside, most machines will not accept self-fill baskets. There are third-party brands that make cups but read the fine print closely to see if they will be compatible with your machine


Not all models have this feature (think: javaMini) so if waking up to brewing Java is on your must-have list, choose a programmable machine instead.

Quiet Brew

Many Keurig coffee machine reviews rave over how quiet their machines are. This is thanks to the Quiet Brew Technology which is featured on almost all models except K10 Mini and the Office Pro.

No matter which machine you decide to purchase, the end result is a great cup of coffee. Keurig is the new gold standard and consumers are loyal to the brand.

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