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Best Hiking Shoes: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide (2018)

If you’re doing some serious hiking, you need best hiking shoes you can trust.

The wrong shoes can cause

  • Injury
  • Painful blisters
  • Lost toenails
  • And much worse

They can kill the joy of a great hike.

Before you get back out to the wilderness, check out the best hiking shoes for 2017.

Our Criteria

No two hikes are the same. An urban trek through Rome requires a very different pair than a hike in the Smokies.

Because of this, our goal was to create a diverse list of shoes that are the best at what they do. We’re covering many terrains, conditions, and price ranges to compile the ultimate list.

7 Best Hiking Shoes


  #01:  Keen Versago

Keen Versago

Best for: Shorter hikes on moderate terrain, day hikers, lunch break hikers

Why We Love Them

Keen Versago hiking shoes cradle your feet in all day comfort. You can thank the thin insole that molds to your foot while providing exceptional shock resistance for that.

They’re light and flexible, so you can move quickly down a trail. Because they’re so breathable, your feet don’t feel like a pressure cooker. You can just pop in your earbuds, crank up the music and enjoy your hike.

The rugged soles hug wet and slippery surfaces, but they do struggle a little on sand and rock.

We love the color schemes in muted earth tones that just scream “I love the outdoors”. We’d wear these every day if we could.


  #02:  Columbia Montrail

Columbia Montrail


Best for: Hiking through rivers

Why We Love Them

Okay, we may be exaggerating a little about the rivers. But Columbia Montrail shoes are made to endure the waterlogged trails with easy. Many hiking boots claim to be waterproof, but these deliver every time.

We basically had to stand still in rushing water to get our feet wet.

Thank Columbia’s OutDry Extreme Technology, which is waterproof and breathable at the same time. They keep water out while letting perspiration dissipate, so you don’t feel like you’re wearing the rubber rain boots your mom made you wear when you were


  #03:  Merrell Moab Hiking Shoes

Merrell Moab Hiking Shoes


Best for: Strenuous hikes

Why We Love Them

Merrell Moab shoes can handle almost any terrain. Steep inclines and wet rocks are no match for their non-slip technology.

A moisture-wicking mesh lining helps your feet stay dry. These are water-resistant. But, unlike waterproof hiking shoes, if there’s enough water, water does get in. What’s great is that your feet dry very quickly.

The cushioned heel absorbs shock for long treks and leaping down into ravines. And your toes are protected with a firm but flexible bumper to help avoid the black and blue toenails that most avid hikers have experienced more than once in their lives.


  #04:  Vasque Juxt Multi-Sport

Vasque Juxt Multi-Sport

Best for: Mixed terrain

Why We Love Them

So you’re going for a long distance hike, through heavy underbrush, steep slopes, and uncertain terrain.  You might even be doing some rock climbing while you’re at it. And, oh, you’ll probably be trail running too.

You need these Vasque Juxt Multi-Sport shoes.

These provide the best all terrain combination we’ve seen. It’s like they studied the best shoe in each category and then seamlessly combined them into one shoe.

They have toe to ankle lace up for increased safety during climbs. The toe is narrower traditional hiking shoes for toeing into rocky crevices.

They’re lightweight but surprisingly comfortable and durable. Their tread can take on just about any surface. You have ultimate control over your movement and environment in these hiking shoes.

The only setback with these is that they’re not water resistant at all. But because they impressed us so much everywhere else, we’ll give them a pass.


  #05:  Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

Best for: Rugged Hike With a Twist

Why We Love Them

You’ll have a steady footing on rugged terrain. You’ll get the protection you need for harsh impact on the heel, ball and toes. But we promised you a twist, so here it is.

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid are incredibly light. No more dragging your sore and tired feet down the last bend of trail in heavy hiking boots. These make your feet feel light and ready to take on the world.

Lowa was able to accomplish this by rethinking shoe design. They shifted stability features in the shoe. And they made the leather upper, where you’ll likely need the least protection, ultra-thin but durable.

These do have a couple setbacks to be aware of. For one, they are among the higher price range in shoes. And two, because the leather upper is ultra-thin, they won’t get you through as many miles as other quality hiking boots.

If you hike every weekend, you’ll likely need a new pair before the year is out.

Despite this, avid hikers keep buying new pairs because they love them. We think you will too.


  #06:  Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX

Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX


Best for: Steep, Technical Terrain

Why We Love Them

Salewa Mountain Trainers are designed with the steep ascent and descent in mind. They’ve got better ankle support, less toe crowding and more flexibility for working your way up and down those 45-degree or less surfaces.

They use proprietary technology to lock your heel in place, so it doesn’t slide forward. With these shoes, you get all of the structure while maintaining your flexibility.

They’re waterproof, so rain or shine, you’ll be able to handle what lies before you.


  #07:  Scarpa R-Evolution GTX

Scarpa R-Evolution GTX


Best for: Moderate hikes

Why We Love Them

As you’d expect from a Scarpa, they fit like a glove with great stability and comfort. The tongue of these hiking shoes is made of stretchy, memory foam to keep your feet firmly in place without making you feel crowded.

These shoes are manufactured with quality in mind. We could tell by the look and feel that the company went to great effort to make everything perfect.


We did, however, find that the laces fray and snap after several uses. Fortunately, that’s a very easy and inexpensive fix.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best hiking shoes for 2017. Check out our other lists to find the best of everything.

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