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Best Eye Gels: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide (2018)

Entering your middle age can come as a shock to your mind and body. With changing hormone levels, progressing to the upper levels of your career, and/or being fully involved in the full-time job of motherhood, when do you have time to worry about crow’s feet? Even with everything on their plate, fine lines and crow’s feet are the number one skin concern for women in their early 30’s to 40’s. You’ll also be surprised that gel, not cream, is the best for women with younger skin. Here we will discuss the benefits of best eye gels over cream and some of the best ones to try to firm and tighten your under eyes.

What is the Difference Between Best Eye Gels and Best Eye Cream?

Gel is ideal for those with younger and/or oily skin. Gel contains less moisturizing agents and more enriching vitamins. These help with tightness and brightness, but don’t add any shine.

Gels are lighter and easier to use underneath primers and makeup for daytime wear. They are also more comfortable to wear overnight.

Creams are more suitable for older and/or dry skin because of moisturizing properties.

You do have to be careful about using the smallest amount of product when it comes to creams. Using too much can clog under eye ducts and make your skin start over-producing oil.

10 Best Eye Gels In 2018

Deciding on beauty products is super subjective. To give a fair top ten, we turned to actual people who had tried the product. Here we give a breakdown of the top ten gels as reviewed on Sephora.


  #01:  Lancome: Énergie de Vie The Illuminating & Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gels

This formula is unique since it contains caffeine and natural antioxidants from lemon, ginseng, and cranberry. The innovative metal rollerball applicator is cooling and evenly applies the product every time.

What do the reviews say?

The reviews are all very positive noting a reduction in fine lines and a more awake appearance before starting the day.

  #02:  bareMinerals: SKINLONGEVITY™ Vital Power Eye Gels Cream

Lightweight and fast acting, bareMinerals promises results in just 14 days with this combo gel cream. It’s a revitalizing gel that uses natural herbal combos.

What do the reviews say?

Ladies see immediate differences after the first use and great results for dark circles and fine lines.

  #03:  La Mer: The Illuminating Eye Gels

La Mer: The Illuminating Eye Gels


With quite a hefty price tag of over $$$, this gel is certainly the most expensive on the list. Yet, it’s luxurious ingredient list of hand harvested sea kelp and active live mineralized algae ferment, leaves your skin bright and firm every time you use it.

What do the reviews say?

While this product is expensive, it’s so effective it can end the need for an under eye concealer. If you factor in the cost of your concealer this could be a bargain if you’re able to throw it away.


  #04:  Dr. Jart+: Water Fuse Hydro Soothe Eye Gels

This formula eliminates puffiness using pumpkin extracts, arnica, and bromelain. It also encourages cell regeneration using Himalayan Pink Salt as a catalyst. This gel is formulated without the use of parabens, sulfates, phthalates and is free from 10 of the most harmful skin irritants.

What do the reviews say? This product is an “I didn’t sleep last night” lifesaver. It immediately diminishes under eye circles and tired puffiness.

  #05:  Biossance: Squalane + Peptide Eye Gels

This gel is a dual peptide, supporting natural lymphatic drainage and microcirculation through the use of Eyeseryl and Argireline.

Studies conducted on this product prove between 96% and 98% efficacy in all major problem areas including fine line, under eye circles, puffiness, and reducing any fatigued look.

What do the reviews say?

Folks love that this product is all natural and actually works. While some have experienced some flaky skin after extended use the majority have had stellar results.

  #06:  Jack Black: Eye Balm De-Puffing & Cooling Gel

Like the Lancome gel, this one also has a rollerball applicator. The cooling effect of the metal is the best for decreasing the puffy look of tired eyes. Grape seed and chamomile extracts help to set this product apart from the rest.

What do the reviews say?

Both men and women love this product. Jack Black is known as a men’s brand and it’s refreshing to see an eye product marketed to the masculine side of things.

While the long-term effects of this product are slightly mixed, everyone agrees that the cooling and elimination of puffiness immediately upon application is excellent.

  #07:  philosophy: Take a Deep Breath Oxygenating Eye Gels Cream

Another gel cream combo, this moisturizing product uses clean air technology to get an oxygenated effect for the under eye skin. This makes the skin appear tighter and more youthful.

What do the reviews say?

This gel is the best on the list for use under makeup. It offers lightning fast absorption and is super light so it’s perfect for use under your primer and foundations.

  #08:  AMOREPACIFIC: MOISTURE BOUND Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Gel

This time release formula uses the power of concentrated bamboo sap to give you tightening and hydration 24 hours a day.

Not only does it produce immediate results but it is said to be able to encourage your skin to produce more of its own antioxidants to rejuvenate your skin and encourage cell regrowth.

What do the reviews say?

Users say the formula is super hydrating and a little bit goes a long way. With a higher price tag than others, the fact that you only need a small amount of product is a definite benefit.

  #09:  FRESH: Rose Hydrating Eye Gels Cream

FRESH: Rose Hydrating Eye Gels Cream

FRESH is known for its line of incredible face products. This one is no exception using a combination of rosewater and bambara groundnut extract to make a super gentle super cooling gel.

Rosewater naturally tightens and refreshes your skin.

What do the reviews say? Most agree that this formula is hydrating and brightening and all agree that it smells delightful. Some have said that it does have slow absorption so it may be best to use at night.


  #10:  First Aid Beauty: Eye Duty Triple Remedy AM Gel Cream

This is the only formula on the list specifically designed for daytime use alone or under your makeup.

It targets the upper and lower lids and acts as an eye makeup primer so you get to cut out another product from your regimen. What do the reviews say? People love the well-controlled pump on the bottle that controls the flow of product.

It acts as a great base for under eye concealer without pulling or creasing.

Want us to do a top ten list of your favorite type of products? Contact us here to make the suggestion. Check out this blog for tips on what your next beauty box subscription should be!

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