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Best Dog Collars: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide (2018)

If you love to make a fashion statement with your own outfits, you likely want your dog to make just as much of a splash in the dog run or local park!.  To ensure that your pet’s look is always en vogue, we’ve created this list of totally cute best dog collars. Whether your dog is dainty or tough, sleek or with a sense of humor, you’ll find something to suit their personality here.

No matter the size, breed, or style of your dog, you’ll find an option that makes you both look amazing!


6 Best Dog Collars


  #01:  Go For A Formal Look

Go For A Formal Look

These days, more and more people are hopping on the bandwagon of including their dogs in their wedding photos! While you certainly don’t want your pup to steal the bride’s thunder, you do want them to look their best!

The solution?

Get an adjustable, bowtie collar for your pet to take him from drab to Dapper Dan!

These collars are available in both red and blue, so you can find the perfect shade to match your wedding colors.

One of the best details is the inclusion of a tiny, ringing bell on the bowtie collar. This is an especially wonderful touch if you plan to have your dog act as the ring bearer. As your pet comes down the aisle, these cute dog collars will jingle, adding an extra touch of fun to your ceremony.


  #02:  Get An Option You Can Switch Up

Get An Option You Can Switch Up

Humans change outfits every day….so why shouldn’t dogs do the same?

These cute dog collars come with 11 different patterns that you can purchase to suit your dog’s mood — and outfit. If you love dressing up your dog, these collars are a dream come true.

For the spring and summer months especially, the floral patterns let everyone know that your dog is a true fashionista. These collars are also a wonderfully affordable option, which means you can keep your dog looking their best without breaking your bank.

Even better?

There are also options for a matching leash and harness, so you can easily complete a head-to-toe look for your pet!


  #03:  Choose One That Lights Up

Choose One That Lights Up

Illuminated LED dog collars aren’t just a fashion statement. They also help to ensure that your dog stays safe.

Especially if you take your dog for long walks in the evening, this collar is a must-have. It’s much easier for cars to see your pet from the road if he has a string of blue or green lights around his neck!

Plus, these collars just look cool: certainly a great option for the dog that’s a real trendsetter.

Additionally, if you often take your dog off of their leash to roam around in parks or even in a larger backyard, you know it can sometimes be hard to spot them. A LED collar makes finding them a lot easier. So, if your dog has a tendency to run off, this collar will help to reunite you even faster.


  #04:  Go For A Personalized Touch

Go For A Personalized Touch

Sure, dog tags are an effective way to help people get in touch with you if your dog runs away.

But sometimes, they can be incredibly uncomfortable for an animal. Additionally, some smaller breeds like to chew on their dog tags, which, if it has sharp edges, can be incredibly dangerous.

Keep your dog safe and stylish by selecting these blinged-out, personalized cute dog collars. You can spell out your pup’s name in statement rhinestone, and you can even include a charm that’s secured to the collar! (We love the paw print and heart options.)

Another benefit to personalized collars? It’s much easier for other furry friends and their owners to read your pet’s name. If there’s an issue, or if people are just curious about your dog’s name, they have the answer right on the collar.

These collars come in a variety of color options, including bright pink, sleek black, and even a gorgeous turquoise shade.


  #05:  A Flower Crown For Dogs

A Flower Crown For Dogs

You can’t scroll through your Instagram feed these days without seeing at least ten different people wearing flowers crowns. This trend is definitely here to stay — but how can you adapt it for your stylish dog?

This flower dog collar is the answer!

Available in beautiful and statement-making shades of hot pink, purple, blue, and red, it has a large fashion flower attached. You can choose to turn the flower to either the front or the back to suit your dog’s mood.

The flower is positioned so that it will be hard work for even the most determined of dogs to bite it. Plus, it’s made from a luxurious leather, so it both looks sleek and is comfortable enough for your dog to wear all day.


  #06:  Go Over-The-Top

Go Over-The-Top

If your dog is not afraid of some serious high glamour, believes in over-accessorizing, and likes to have all eyes on them, then this pearl, lace, and floral collar is the perfect find.

It’s available in pink, black, or white, and it works for a variety of breeds. Especially if children or other owners are a bit nervous around your dog (some look tough on the outside, but are total softies!) this collar will help to calm their nerves.

It’s also a great option for those who love to upload photos of their pets on social media!


Choose One Or More Of  These Cute Best Dog Collars

Thanks to this list, your pet will always look their best and prove to everyone that they’re up on the latest trends.

Your dog will be the envy of the dog park in no time — and everyone will be asking you where you found the collars.

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