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Best Camping Gears: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide (2018)

Looking for best camping gears review? You are in the right place. The world at large seems bent on keeping us permanently connected to the Internet while sitting inside.

The only reasonable thing to do is chuck all of that noise and flee to the great outdoors for a camping adventure. The tens of millions of people who did it last year can’t all be wrong.

Going camping doesn’t mean giving up your cool toys. It just means trading your inside toys for some cool camping gear. Even if a shiny new crossbow isn’t your cup of tea, camping gear ranges from electronic goodies to tools you’ve probably never even seen before.

Let’s take a closer look at the coolest of the cool camping gear you’ll be taking on your next adventure.

4 Best Camping Gears


  #01:  Minipresso


Whether you’re waking up at home or in Badlands National Park, you still need your morning coffee. Running an extension cord isn’t an option and no one wants to mess with those clunky cigarette lighter adapters.

Enter the Minipresso!

The Minipresso is a portable espresso maker. It doesn’t need electricity or batteries, just a few pumps from your own hands. The machine injects the water into the grounds and delivers an espresso shot for you caffeine-starved, morning brain.

It’s less than 7 inches long and weighs under a pound. That means it’s only a little bigger and heavier than a decent flashlight. This compact design makes it perfect for any camping adventure.

Don’t spread it around, but you could probably use it at the office too.

The only pitfall is that you need to provide your own hot water, but our next entry in the cool camping gear list can help with that.


  #02:  BioLite Campstove 2

BioLite Campstove 2

No camping trip is complete without a little fire, but campfires are a pain to manage. You need to be extremely cautious about controlling their size but still manage to get them hot enough to cook over.

The Biolite Campstove 2 solves both problems.

The fire is contained inside the device, which means its size is already controlled. With normal diligence, the fire should never spread.

The BioLite also comes equipped with fans to help you control how hot it burns. That means you can get it up to cooking temps fast. Once it’s up to cooking temps, you can boil water in a matter of minutes.

As an added bonus, it generates smokeless fire. That’s right: smokeless. The device is so efficient that smoke burns off before it hits the air.

No more stinging eyes. No more coughing.

Possibly the coolest feature is the integrated thermoelectric battery. It recharges while the fire burns. It also comes with a USB port, so you can charge your phone.

So what fuel does this machine use? Plain old wood and not a lot of it. Think of the twigs or pinecones you find at almost any campsite.

That’s all you need.

Its main pitfall is that it weighs in at a little over 2 pounds, but that’s a small price to pay for reliable fire.


  #03:  Survco Tactical Credit Card Ax


Survco Tactical Credit Card Ax


You read that right. It does say credit card ax.

The Survco Tactical Credit Card Ax makes our list of cool camping gear for a lot of reasons. For starters, this thing really does fit in your wallet.

Just as important, we’re talking a mere 3 ounces of extra weight to get 20 functions! The most important of these functions is the ax. How does something that small function as an ax?

How does something that small function as an ax?

It’s got a tapered edge on one end. The other end has holes built in that let you strap this thing to a handle, like a length of a tree branch, with zip ties or paracord.

One of the extra cool features is the cut out arrowhead, which can double as a spear tip for fishing.

Another excellent feature is its serrated edge that functions as a small saw. Could be useful for getting that ax handle. It can also be used as a socket wrench, a bottle opener, and even a flat head screwdriver.

That’s not bad for something the size of a credit card.


  #04:  Truepower 3-in-1 Universal Emergency Survival Hatchet Hammer Pry Bar

Truepower 3-in-1 Universal Emergency Survival Hatchet Hammer Pry Bar


It sounds like something that a kid might dream up. Still, it’s hard to argue with something that offers as much functionality as Truepower’s 3-in-1.

It’s the rare campsite indeed that can get by without a hatchet. You use them to clear away pesky brush. It’s hard to find a better way to split up wood or kindling.

Plus, you can admit it, you use the back of the hatchet as a stand in for a hammer. Ever used your pocketknife or a screwdriver as a stand-in pry bar? Most people do when they go camping.

The truth is that campsites always need more tools than most people bring. Sometimes it’s forgetfulness, but it’s usually about weight.

No one wants to bring a hatchet and a hammer, not to mention all the other things you expect you’ll need. A basic hatchet weighs around 2 pounds. A decent hammer is another pound.

It just becomes too much to lug around the woods or into the mountains. The Truepower 3-in-1 gives all those functions at the same basic weight as your average hatchet. You also don’t have to find space for three different tools.

The big pitfall with this tool is that it doesn’t have a dedicated pouch, but that’s a small flaw for this piece of cool camping gear.


Ready To Head For The Wilderness With Your Best Camping Gears?

Taking a break from urban sprawl and 24/7 internet connectivity doesn’t have to mean abandoning innovation. It just means finding those bits of cool gear that express your personality.

For some, it may mean a sophisticated, USB-equipped camp stove. Others will see themselves in a handheld espresso machine.

The important thing to remember is that you can always pamper yourself with a technological treat when you get home. A USB-microphone to narrate that YouTube video about your trip is always a nice choice.

Know about a cool piece of camping gear we didn’t cover? Leave a comment below. If you want to talk to us directly, head to the contact page and send us a message.

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